A decision you will never regret  


Horticulture is a job for the future

QIF is an employer of choice

There is much discussion about the future of work - what jobs will be replaced by technology in the future and what jobs will continue to thrive. Horticulture is a career that has a very positive future. It is an expanding industry. It is environmentally progressive and sustainable. We improve peoples' lives by greening their environments for both aesthetic and health benefits.  

We are always looking for self-motivated people interested in a career in horticulture, people with an interest in being involved with a top quality plant production nursery.

If you are motivated, love the outdoors, have a passion for plants, want a lifelong career and love physical activity, then contact us to discuss the possibilities. They are endless and rewarding.  

We would like to support a number of young people into the industry through on-the-job training and we will support your horticulture studies.

Please email here if you would like to send us a CV or just to discuss opportunities.