Our story         

QIF was founded in the 1975 and has been consistently considered one of the leading indoor plant production nurseries in the country.  The Ningi site was built and grown by Jack and Joy Drane over 25 years. Since acquisition by QIF Australia in 2016, the business has been significantly expanded and we now operate out of three full production nurseries: one based in Ningi (north east Queensland); one in Lindendale, near Alstonville on the NSW north coast; and one in Coffs Harbour, mid coast NSW.

We grow a large range of indoor plants, with the range being adjusted to meet market demands and requirements and some small, flowering outdoor plants out of Coffs Harbour. 

QIF has over 50,000 square metres of special purpose growing facilities, dedicated to growing a select range of plants.  At full production levels, our three nurseries can grow and produce in excess of 900,000 plants per annum.

Our customers include some of the largest plant retailers and plant hirers in Australia and our commitment is to a constant and predictable supply of top quality plants.

Eco Hort accreditation

QIF has been a member of Nursery and Garden Industry Queensland since 1984, and also been Nursery Industry Accreditation Scheme Australia accredited since 1999 to the highest level of accreditation available.


One advantage of accreditation is that our customers know that they are receiving high quality stock. The nursery is also able to access information and help, as well as receiving pest and disease analysis. Disease is not a problem for the nursery and spraying is kept to a minimum. All plants are grown off the ground and hygiene is managed on a constant basis. We use integrated pest management to avoid the use of pesticides and herbicides and contract the services of market leading entomologists and beneficial insect breeders.

Our managers

Ted Watts is a partner in the QIF business and is the manager of the Ningi Nursery.  Ted has 25 years experience in the nursery industry and what Ted doesn't know about operating a production nursery isn't worth knowing. The assistant manager at Ningi is Fiona Ring who has a deep knowledge of the plant production and nursery operation. 

Andrew Attwood is the manager of the Alstonville nursery. A man who has been in horticulture all his life; from running his own nursery business to running operations at a large potting media business.  Andrew is renowned for excellent customer service and a keen eye for a new plant trend. Andrew is ably supported by the dashing Frenchman Patrick Dethan, who is the Production Manager at Alstonville and Debbie Bartusch who is responsible for customer service.

Monika Smith is the manager of the newly acquired Brindley's Coffs Harbour Nursery. Monika has ably managed the nursery for Graeme Brindley for many years and is warmly welcomed into the QIF team. Monika has appointed James Carter as her assistant manager as the business transitions into the broader QIF Group.

Our staff

QIF has a small team of dedicated staff.  They come from a variety of areas and commercial sectors and are at different stages of their lives.  We employ around 40 people across all three sites and are constantly looking for motivated people who are interested in a career in horticulture. You do not need to be qualified in horticulture but you should have a willingness to learn and to be part of a hard working team. QIF is proud of our team and our work environment. If you are interested in applying to work at QIF use this link.

Ningi nursery description

Our Queensland nursery is located at Ningi, near Bribie Island in South East Queensland (40kms north of Brisbane), where we practice sustainable and environmentally friendly production methods. Our water is sourced from three onsite spring-fed dams and a bore. All water throughout the nursery is reticulated. Eco friendly pest and weed control practices are extensively employed.

Ningi is on Waka Waka land.

For location and contact details use this link.

Alstonville nursery description

Our first New South Wales nursery is located at Lindendale, near Alstonville in Northern New South Wales. This site is in excess of 25 acres, with extensive shade tunnels and shade houses, a number of which are heated. Water is sourced from on site collection as well as a bore and in 2019 a fully automated energy efficient irrigation system was installed as part of a refurbishment of the site.

Our Lindendale Nursery is on Bundjalung land.

For location and contact details use this link.

Coffs Harbour nursery description

In July 2021, we acquired a second NSW nursery, at Sandy Beach, on the outskirts of Coffs Harbour. The nursery has existed for many years as Brindley's Nursery and has an enviable reputation. The purpose built site has around 16,000 square metres of growing sheds with space for expansion. The nursery uses recycled water from the Coffs Harbour Regional Council water recycling plant.

The land at Sandy Beach is on Gumbainggir land.

For location and contact details use this link.