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   We grow a large variety of beautiful plants   

Call us to discuss your requirements

We grow a wide range of plants. Some of our standard plants are shown below. But the best way to find out what we currently have is to call one of the nurseries.  We can grow to order if you have specific requirements and enough time.


QIF standard plant range

Our product range varies from time time but the following represents the main plants that we grow.  We sell plants in sizes from 140mm to 400mm pot sizes. Availability is determined by many factors including seasonal factors; availability of tube stock; growing conditions; and  customer orders.

Many of our plants are grown to meet forward orders.  The optimal way to obtain supply of the plants that you want when you want them is to discuss with us a forward growing plan.  We will work co-operatively with you to agree a growing schedule and, subject to environmental factors, your plants will be ready when you need them. Most of our customers work with us in this way.

Our standard range of plants are ones that we grow regularly, well and efficiently. Use the link below to see our standard range.

Current availability

Current availability changes on a regular basis.  Please call any of our nurseries to obtain current availability.

View into the back of an open delivery t
What we grow: About Us

The following are some examples of our plants

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