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Qld Indoor Foliage is a wholesale indoor plant nursery based at Ningi in Queensland (40 minutes drive north of Brisbane). We specialise in indoor plants, particularly Dracaenas, Ixora, Spathiphyllums, Cordylines, Crotons and Ferns. Our high quality stock is sent throughout Australia, with a client base ranging from other wholesalers to retailers, landscapers and large chain stores.

We have found that the popularity of indoor plants has continued to increase due to a number of reasons. Water restrictions having an impact on outdoor gardening and also lifestyle changes, where more people find less time to garden or are living with smaller or no outdoor gardening space. The aesthetic value of indoor plants is easily seen, but did you know that indoor plants do actually improve indoor air quality? Pollutants are filtered from the air as oxygen is released – a fantastic selling point

Home of the Cordyline “Pink Joy”

Our biggest achievement to date has been the release of our own new variety of Cordyline – Cordyline “Pink Joy” of which we have received Plant Breeders’ Rights.

“Pink Joy” has multi-coloured foliage featuring pink, grey and green colouring, it is a fantastic feature plant. Another stunning and exclusive Cordyline is due is to be released soon. Continue Reading »

Member of Nursery and Garden Industry Queensland

We have been a member of Nursery and Garden Industry Queensland since 1984, and also been Nursery Industry Accreditation Scheme Australia accredited since 1999. One advantage of accreditation is that our customers know that they are getting quality stock. The nursery is also able to access information and help, as well as receiving pest and disease analysis. Disease is not a problem for the nursery and spraying is kept to a minimum. All plants are grown off the ground to help prevent root rot.

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